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Caffè Baratti & Milano
The winter olympics are about to start in Turin, Italy in a few weeks.
Galleria SubalpinaCaffè Galline
Besides the olympics Turin will also have lots of other stuff to offer. It has traditions, culture, great architecture, beautiful sceneries, and last but not least charming cafés.
Caffè BicerinCaffeè Bicerin (Piazza della Consolata) the oldest caffè in Turin, has served guests since 1763! Alexander Dumas and Puccini used to be among the guests. It has only eight tables and is famous for the bicherin, a layered drink of melted chocolate, espresso and heavy cream.
Caffè Torino

At Piazza San Carlo you can find Caffè Torino and Caffè San Carlo. Caffè Torino is a very elegant place, a favorite of Fiat executives that used to be frequented by the legendary Fiat patriarch Giovanni Agnelli.

Caffè San Carlo

The smaller but also very elegant Caffè San Carlo is located just a few steps away. It was the first italian cafè to use gaslight. It used to be called a palace. Caffè San Carlo has been a hang-out for intellectuals. At San Carlo try the The “man” cocktail made with mandarin juice.

Caffè Platti

Caffè Platti (Corso Vittorio Emanuele 72) is famous for its chocolate cake and its thé complet. Opened in 1875, it has kept its original furnishings. Caffè Platti used to count Pavese and Einaudi as its frequent guests and still has an upper class clientele.

Caffè Baratti & MilanoCaffè Baratti & Milano

Caffè Baratti & Milano is located at Piazza Castello. Baratti & Milano is an elegant refined place with a view of Galleria Subalpina through its windows. The perfect stopover for an aperitif.

Caffè Fiorio

Caffè Fiorio has been the café of politicians and aristocrats since 1780. It used to be nicknamed the café of the pigtails. Fiorio is a café, gelateria, and lunch spot for locals, and famous for its homemade gelato, especially the gianduiotto.

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