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Tallin, Estonia

Krakow, Poland

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Istanbul, Turkey

Europe has plenty of interesting cities to visit, but most of them have become very expensive. So USA Today set out to find ten affordable European cities worth visiting. And they came up with quite a list of great choices:

Tallinn, Estonia
Beautiful old town that is one of the few remaining fully walled and intact cities in Europe.

Krakow, Poland
Reminds of Prague, but more accessible since most places within waking distance.

Dubrovnik, Croatia
Ancient city with strikingly beautiful sceneries and clear blue waters. One of the new popular destinations in the Mediterranean.

Istanbul, Turkey
A city where East meets, west. History, culture, people, energy. One of the most dynamic cities in the Mediterranean. Click here to read our recent article Explore Istanbul!

Ljubljana, Slovenia
The next Prague according to some people. Has a castle that sits high atop a hill. Great white wine and local dishes.

Kyiv, Ukraine
The capital of the Orange Revolution. Situated on a hill above the Dneiper River. Here you can visit one of Christian Orthodoxy’s most important sites, the Percherska Lavra.
Accommodation and food are inexpensive.

Bruges, Belgium
Western Europe, more expensive than the others on the list, but cheaper to get to.

Kosice, Slovakia
Small and welcoming city almost completely undiscovered by Americans. Has a city center perfect for strolling with cobblestone streets, outdoor cafes and restaurants.

Sarajevo, Bosnia
Has a rich history, but did go through extremely tough times during the nineties. Beautiful city with a very hospitable population. But still a bit dangerous and a US State Department Travel Warning is still in effect.

Gdansk, Poland
Birthplace of the Solidarity movement that liberated Poland. Situated on the Baltic Sea.

USA Today

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