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Boca Chica, Acapulco, Mexico

Boca Chica, Acapulco, Mexico

Once glamorous Mexican resort city Acapulco is experiencing a renaissance. Part of Acapulco’s facelift is the re-opening of Boca Chica as a DesignHotel after a thorough renovation. The 1950s interior has been restored creating a hotel with vintage charm and a chic contemporary design. Boca Chica is a small exclusive hotel that used to be the 1950’s playground of the Hollywood elite. The hotel re-opened this spring.

Boca Chia is located just steps from an idyllic cove in Acapulco and you can arrive by water taxi and check in at the hotel’s sea level ‘Club de Mar’ fresh water pool area.

The hotel still maintains its famous vintage exterior although inside the refurbished interior is anything but old-school. It has chic design elements and an atmosphere of laid back tropical luxury.

It has 30 spacious rooms and 6 suites with original features and furniture from the 1950s building. The elegant and vibrant rooms come with private terraces and hammocks. Some of the rooms lead into private gardens and three of the suites have separate living rooms.

Boca Chica has a landscaped garden, a gym with views across the bay to Roqueta Island, a protected natural reserve. There are also poolside massage cabanas, a therapy area where a team of trained experts offer a range of body and facial treatments, a full SPA & Baths, an open air bar overlooking the bay, a disco, Coco Wash, and a main restaurant, serving raw, fresh and inviting dishes using local ingredients including catches of the day from the Acapulco area.

Doubles start at about $200 per night (including taxes).

Guestroom at Boca Chica

Guestroom at Boca Chica

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