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Luanda, Angola, most expensive city according to Mercer

Luanda, Angola, most expensive city according to Mercer

Swiss based Mercer is publishing a study tomorrow, ranking the world’s most expensive cities. According to the Mercer study the ranking is similar, but slightly different from the results of the ECA International study that we reported on earlier today (see previous article).

Top 10 Most Expensive Cities
1 Luanda, Angola
2 Tokyo, Japan
3 Nojamena, Chad
4 Moscow, Russia
5 Geneva, Switzerland
6 Osaka, Japan
7 Libreville, Gabon
8 Zurich, Switzerland
8 Hong Kong
10 Copenhagen, Denmark

For budget minded travelers this is certainly a list of cities to avoid. More interesting is the other end of the list showing the 10 least expensive cities in the world.

10 Least Expensive Cities

1 Karachi, Pakistan
2 Managua, Nicaragua
3 Islamabad, Pakistan
4 La Paz, Bolivia
5 Ashkhabad, Turkmenstan
6 Bishkek, Kyrgyztan
7 Addis Abeba, Ethiopia
8 Calcutta, India
9 Tegucigalpa, Honduras
10 Windhoek, Namibia

Due to security issues Pakistan and Kyrgyztan might be less interesting right now, but Nicaragua, Bolivia, Ethiopia and India can offer interesting destinations at great values.

Mercer is a global provider of consulting, outsourcing and investment services. Its services include advice and market data on international and expatriate compensation management. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc.

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