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Today New York’s latest attraction opened as the water was turned on for its new waterfalls on the Hudson river under and nearby the Brooklyn bridge.

New York State is of course world famous for the Niagara Falls that it shares with Ontario, Canada. The New York City Waterfalls are of a drastically smaller scale, but they are still quite interesting as both a contrast and complement to the city landscape. And these cool waterfalls can be enjoyed right in the City either by foot, bike or boat.

The New York City Waterfalls are the work of Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson who is famous for his exhibition The Weather Project at the Tate Modern, London in 2003.

The exhibition is being organized and financed by the Public Art Fund in collaboration with the City of New York.

The Waterfalls are designed to be sensitive to the environment. Fish and aquatic life are being protected by filtering the water intakes.

Not since the Gates by Cristo and Jeanne-Claude in 2005 has New York City had an art installation of this magnitude. But the installations are of course quite different. The Gates consisted of free-hanging, saffron-colored fabric panels suspended from 7,500 gates in central Park.

The New York City Waterfalls is offering free and specially-priced daily 30 minute boat tours to view the falls, available on Circle Line Downtown (call 1.866.925.4631). The Governors Island and Staten Island Ferries, both free, will also provide views of the falls.

The falls will be open daily 7am to 10pm (opens at 9am Tuesday and Thursdays) until October 13, 2008. After sunset the waterfalls will be lit.

At the website of the New York City Waterfalls you can find images and information about the waterfalls and you can watch an interview with the artist Olafur Eliasson.

New York City Waterfalls

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