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The 2006 games in Turin are only about to start, Vancouver has been selected host for the 2010 games, and The New York Times is already comparing the candidates for the 2014 Olympic Games. So much planning, money, creation of infrastructure, construction of facilities, etc. goes into an Olympic event that the decision will be made seven years in advance, in July 2007. The New York Times is looking at the following contenders:
• Almaty, Kazakhstan
• Borjomi, Georgia
• Jaca, Spain
• Pyeongchang, South Korea
• Salzburg, Austria
• Sochi, Russia
• Sofia, Bulgaria

A quick look at the candidates confirms that most of them are rather unknown at least to American eyes. And that is perhaps the most interesting aspect of the article. It describes surprisingly interesting places that we otherwise might have ignored. The beautiful Austrian city Salzburg (in the picture above), which presently is busy celebrating Mozart’s birthday, is probably the best known of the bunch and supposedly a strong contender.

The article is providing some interesting facts about the sites, while looking at the pros and cons for each location. The article does not come up with an explicit conclusion, but leaves it up to the reader to make his or her own choice.

The New York Times

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